The number one priority of the ExtraMile Arena is to ensure the safety of every guest.

To continue to give the best possible experience for all, the ExtraMile Arena has put the following security measures and prohibited items in place.

Please abide by these rules throughout your time at the ExtraMile Arena.

Security Measures

  • Upon arrival to your event at the ExtraMile Arena, all guests must walk through the Magnetometer screenings. If you refuse to walk through you will be screened with the use of handheld magnetometers.
  • All attendees must abide by the prohibited items list, any items that are questionable or may be threatening to the safety of others will be removed.
  • The ExtraMile Arena holds the right to search every guest and if any item that is not allowed is found on person, the item will be taken and the guest may be asked to leave the venue.
  • To ensure that all events start on time without any disruption caused, ExtraMile Arena also asks that all of it’s attendees arrive early to allow time to enter through the screenings at the entrance and locate their seats.

Prohibited Items

Please do not bring with you any of the following items:

  • Food and Beverages of any kind that has been purchased outside of the venue premisis.
  • Weapons of any kind including the likes of; guns, knives, spikes, chains, collars or Jewelry items that could potentially cause harm.
  • Laser pointers or pens.
  • Backpacks, large bags or suitcases, all bags must be small than 11″ x 17″.
  • Signs, Banners or any kind of props, unless stated otherwise in the event information.
  • Any items that may make noise including Air Horns and Whistles.
  • Pets of any kind.
  • Illegal Drugs or controlled substances.
  • Fireworks and other unauthorized chemicals or other pyrotechnics.
  • Skateboards, Ice Skates, Roller Shoes or Roller Blades will not be allowed.
  • Cameras, Video Cameras and Camera accessories such as; Tri-pods, selfie sticks, drones.
  • No computers or tablets will be allowed into the venue, except if the specific event information states otherwise.

Ticket Policy:
For ticket information and policies please read the ExtraMile Arena Tickets page.